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3 Bad Dental Habits you Need to Stop


We are all guilty of using our teeth to open a bag of chips. Sometimes, we also have the habit of biting the tip of the pencil when we get anxious over something. Little do we know about how these small habits that we have can be bad for our teeth.

Our dentists at Orchid Family Dental, the trusted name when it comes to dental services in Richardson, Texas, strongly advise our patients especially the kids to avoid using their teeth for other things than eating. Our teeth may be made up of calcium but it does not mean that it is not susceptible to damage.

We have listed down 3 of the common habits that we do daily that affects our teeth greatly. Take down some notes and try to avoid them starting today!

1. Using your Teeth as Tools
Our teeth can be sharp but that does not mean that we can use them cut or open something. We know most of us are guilty of this habit especially when we are in a hurry and we cannot find a pair of scissors right away we use our teeth to open something.

2. Bad Brushing Habit

Another habit that we need to stop is bad brushing. Bad brushing is caused by several factors: a bad tooth brush or doing the wrong brushing strokes. A bad tooth brush is evident in its bristles. If the bristles are too hard, this may wear off some protective layers of your teeth or even your gums making it bleed easily. However, if you practice the wrong strokes of brushing, this may not totally get all the food particles left in your mouth, hence your teeth is not cleaned well. Ask your dentists or ask us at Orchid Family Dental, your partner in dental services in Richardson Texas about the correct strokes in brushing your teeth and we can also provide you with the right toothbrush.

3. Nail biting
For some reasons, people just love to bite their nails. They bite their nails when they are scared or nervous about something. However, nail biting can only cause damage to your nails and to your teeth. When you bite your nails, it puts pressure on your teeth and gradually displace them. In addition, your enamels are also damaged when you use your teeth to cut your nails.

Which one of these unhealthy habits are you guilty of? Taking care of our teeth is not just limited to visiting the dentist every now and then, it is also about being mindful of our simple habits that involves the use of teeth.

For more tips on how to take care of your teeth and what dental habits to avoid, you can consult us at Orchid Family Dental, your reliable source when it comes to dental services in Richardson, Texas. You can also visit our website www.orchidfamilydental.com for more information.

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