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4 Tips on Taking Care of Your Kid’s Teeth


Dental care is often neglected by parents when their children are younger because they think that the “milk” teeth will be replaced with new ones. As they grow up, however, the bad habits of brushing (or not brushing) their teeth will lead to tooth decay and bad breath. Here are some tips to make sure your kid grow up with health teeth and gums:

1. Teach them how to brush their teeth the proper way. By properly guiding their hands while they brush their teeth, you are teaching them the most important aspect in brushing their teeth. Make sure you also teach them how to floss so that the food stuck in between their teeth will not be the cause for tooth decay.

2. Use an egg timer to set brushing teeth to 2 minutes. Some children might think that just brushing their teeth side to side for 30 seconds is already okay. Make sure you set the tone in their learning. You can also get the egg timer with a cute character to make brushing teeth more enjoyable!

3. Tell them the consequences of not taking care of their dental health. As kids, we didn’t know right from wrong unless we were told about it or watched a video about it. Teach them about proper dental health and the benefits of a great smile. You can also prop up some online cartoon videos that will tell them about it.

4. Take them to the dentist. Get your child to regular check-ups at least once a year. This will allow for a closer look into your kid’s dental area—the parts that you don’t see. The earlier the dentist detects any sign of cavity, the faster it will be helped. This will prevent tooth aches and bad breath.

If you’re looking for dental services in Richardson, Texas, ORCHID Family Dental can help you! We house general and cosmetic dentists to help your child’s teeth and gums healthy as he grows up. Our dental services in Richardson, Texas are the best in the state!

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