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Who Said Dentistry Is Expensive?

The prospect of seeing a dentist can be a harrowing experience for many of us. Pain, of course, is one of the reasons. But there’s more to the prick of an injection needle or the uneasy feeling of a dental … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t You Entrust Your Dental Health to a Mom-Approved Dentist?

We love the saying: Mother knows best. When it comes to matters involving the family, the above statement hits the bull’s eye. The same line cannot be truer when we talk about the health – including dental health – of … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Naturally Whiten Teeth at Home

The teeth are generally what people see. So, it’s necessary to keep them clean and white. Most people use expensive teeth whitening products. But, did you know that there are more effective, natural, and affordable ways to whiten teeth? Follow … Continue reading

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5 Tips in Maintaining Healthy and Clean Teeth

Our smile is the best curve we have. If you want to attain the best smile, change your lifestyle and start maintaining healthy and clean teeth for better oral health even when you age. Here are five tips from a … Continue reading

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5 Steps for Proper Oral Hygiene (Daily Routine)

Our teeth are very important parts of our lives. First off, it is what we use to chew our food and feel energized with fuel to our body. Second, it is a part of our face that helps us convey … Continue reading

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4 Tips on Taking Care of Your Kid’s Teeth

Dental care is often neglected by parents when their children are younger because they think that the “milk” teeth will be replaced with new ones. As they grow up, however, the bad habits of brushing (or not brushing) their teeth … Continue reading

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How to make your Toddler overcome their Fear of the Dentist

Dentists are not monsters, that is for sure but why do kids seem to dread visiting their dentist? Maybe it is because of the idea that the dentists are using these tools on their mouth or maybe they are afraid … Continue reading

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3 Bad Dental Habits you Need to Stop

We are all guilty of using our teeth to open a bag of chips. Sometimes, we also have the habit of biting the tip of the pencil when we get anxious over something. Little do we know about how these … Continue reading

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How to Have Healthy Teeth: Brushing Properly

Our mouth is the window to our overall wellbeing. Recent studies have backed this metaphor after finding out that having a disease on your oral cavity is linked to having an unhealthy body. As a provider of professional and family-friendly … Continue reading

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3 Benefits of Having White Teeth

Most people go to the dentist on a regular basis in order to have a healthy smile but do you know you can have more than just dental cleaning and check up services? ORCHID Family Dental, the dental clinic that … Continue reading

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