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Brushing 101: How Often Should We Brush Our Teeth?

Brushing 101: How Often Should We Brush Our Teeth?

When we were younger, the doctor would tell us to brush our teeth at least three times a day. We should brush our teeth after every meal. Our doctor even tells us that if we do not brush our teeth after eating, food debris might get stuck on our teeth and eventually forms into cavities. But what if we eat more than three times a day? Is it still healthy to brush our teeth more than three times too?

As regards to the number of times that we brush our teeth, it is okay to over brush. However, the concern should not just be about how many times we brush our teeth, but it should be how we brush our teeth. Often times, we might have a habit of a good oral hygiene, but then we do not clean our teeth and mouth well, thereby forfeiting the purpose of brushing.

Cleaning our teeth and mouth well is vital. This is where the food passes and bacteria can still invade our mouth. Because of this, we deem it important to inform people of the right way to brush and how often should we brush our teeth, considering that we are a trusted provider of dental services in Richardson, Texas, Orchid Family Dental.

Regular Brushing
It is important that we maintain a good oral hygiene. We should brush our teeth using a soft-bristle toothbrush two to three times a day. This is to avoid bacteria from forming in our mouth. However, we have to change our toothbrush once we notice that the bristle tips will wear out.

When we brush our teeth with damaged bristles, it will only brush away our tooth structure, creating jagged edges and wearing away dentin and enamels. In addition, apart from maintaining a good toothbrush, we should also use floss to reach through the spaces between our teeth.

Dental check-ups
It is advisable that apart from brushing your teeth daily that you visit your dentist too. The ideal number of dental check-ups is at least once a year. When you have your teeth checked, you will know whether it needs cleaning the hard deposits that have formed in your mouth that your toothbrush cannot remove.

Moreover, your dentist can also check whether you have healthy gums or if you need filling for your teeth. These minute details need attention because if they cannot be treated early, it could lead to gum disease or permanent tooth extraction.

Brushing our teeth is a must. We must not end the day without cleaning our teeth. Remember, food passes through our mouth. Air passes through our mouth as well. Bacteria from food or air might stay in our mouth, damaging our teeth gradually. We must not take this lightly because a toothache is no joke.

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