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Dental Implants are Permanent Solutions to Tooth Loss

Dental Implants are Permanent Solutions to Tooth Loss

For dental issues associated with tooth loss or damaged teeth, our dedicated staff at ORCHID Family Dental provides dental implants which are a permanent solution. Dental implants are small titanium cylinders our dentist will put into the gum line in order to replace the roots of a failing or a missing tooth. The implants are likely to be customized and fitted to enable a natural-looking tooth replacement and offer maximum functionality like a natural tooth would.

Dental implants will become a part of your oral anatomy forever through the process called osseointegration. In such process, the dental implant’s titanium base stimulates the growth of new bone tissue around the implant offering an unparalleled stability and strength level to the replacement tooth and the implant. That is why people who have dental implants can enjoy the same cosmetics and functionality found in a healthy tooth without the need to remove bridges or dentures constantly.
A lot of people have taken advantage of our dental services in Richardson, Texas that include treating patients with dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

In terms of a badly damaged tooth and unexpected tooth loss, our dentists recommend the use of dental implants. The use of dental implants over removal bridges and dentures results in an increased in a patient’s aesthetic, function and overall health.

Removable bridges and dentures help to replace missing teeth and provide the look of a healthy and full smile. But, they serve just as temporary solutions and may lose efficacy after some time, usually making new oral health issues that patients will have to deal with. Meanwhile, dental implants provide a permanent solution. They are designed to last through a simple daily oral hygiene maintenance routine. Also, dental implants permit patients to restore and improve their oral aesthetics and their oral functionality. Other benefits of dental implants include:

  • Promotes healthier teeth and gums than bridges and dentures
  • Avoids healthy teeth damage when supporting the dental appliance
  • A permanent solution to prevent tooth shifting
  • Deters jawbone loss, receding gum tissue and disease associated with tooth loss
  • Preserves the overall oral health

Placing the Dental Implants

We have established and streamlined a very effective dental implant treatment process that our patients can easily understand and find quite convenient.

Depending upon the patient, our treatment process can usually vary greatly. Because of the consistency of oral health patterns and tooth loss pattern, treatments for every patient need to be personalized. To maximize the efficiency of the dental implant process, the implant procedure is broken down into 4 parts: patient consultation, surgical implantation, recovery and healing as well as final restoration placement.
The patient consultation part includes a discussion of the requirements to have a dental implant, the treatment process and the goals of the patient. The dentist will see if the patient meets the basic requirement to get treated with dental implants. To be qualified, he needs to be in great physical health, has a healthy jaw bone, as well as has healthy and sufficient gum tissue. If such criteria are met, a routine oral surgery will be scheduled.

Following the placement of the dental implants, recovery and healing start. Generally, people need 7 months to heal to make sure the implant has permanently fused with the patient’s jawbone. The patient must exercise caution with his implants to ensure the success of the procedure. To help patients recover fast, we send detailed instructions which will guide them through the duration of the treatment and recovery process.

Having a missing tooth can be quite damaging to our health, self-esteem, and oral functionality. If you miss at least one tooth and want to undergo dental implant procedure, contact our dental professionals. We can help you learn more about other available treatment options and help you choose the best solution for your oral needs.


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