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How to Make Your Toddlers Love Brushing Their Teeth

How to Make Your Toddlers Love Brushing Their Teeth

Children should be taught good dental practices at a young age. Once they have their teeth, we can start brushing them with infant brush. But once they reach the toddler stage, they can already use kid’s toothbrush with toothpaste. But some of them would already refuse having their teeth brushed at this age. What’s a mom to do? Here are a few tips to make toddlers love brushing their teeth.

1. Get them the right toothbrush.
Toddlers’ gums are so sensitive so we cannot just use any toothbrush on them. We need to get them soft-bristled toothbrushes that are suitable for their soft and sensitive gums. Kids or toddlers toothbrushes are also smaller than standard toothbrushes making it easier for them to grip and can easily fit into their tiny mouths.

2. Get them a flavored non-fluoride toothpaste.
The taste of the toothpaste can also turn them off. We can try getting for them kiddie toothpastes that have yummy flavors so they will look forward to brushing. There are available flavors like strawberry, bubble gum, and other fruity flavors available in the market. Another thing to look for is a non-fluoride toothpaste since fluoride can be harmful to the body if swallowed. So until they learn how to spit, it is best to give them non-fluoride toothpaste.

3. Let them see role models.
To get them interested, we can allow them to watch us while we are brushing our teeth so they can follow our example. When they see us enjoy the task, this will inspire them to do the same. Another helpful tactic is to let them watch videos (better if there is a background music that they can associate brushing with) with kids brushing their teeth and having fun. Injecting fun to toothbrushing can make them anticipate the next time they need to brush.

These are just a few tips on how to encourage toddlers to brush their teeth. There are many other tips and tactics that we may read somewhere else for sure, but at least the above can get us started. For our toddlers’ full dental care needs, we can bring them to Orchid Family Dental, which offers dental services in Richardson, Texas not just for adults but for kids, too. For sure there are a lot of clinics offering dental services in Richardson, Texas but what separates Orchid Family Dental is its being very child-friendly and having Dr. Jacob a recipient of “Mom-Approved Dentist Award”.

We would want our toddlers to enjoy their dentist’s appointment, so let us not just avail for them any dental services in Richardson, Texas, let us give them the best and most enjoyable dental care experience in Orchid Family Dental.

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One Response to How to Make Your Toddlers Love Brushing Their Teeth

  1. Артём says:

    Toddlers don’t really understand why they need to brush their teeth, no matter what stories we tell them about cavities. And having someone else put something in your mouth and move it around is simply scary, or at least uncomfortable. Most of us don’t enjoy visiting the dentist every six months; we ask kids to open their mouths for us twice a day. No wonder they resist.

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