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Lost a Front Tooth? Know Which Option is Best for You

Lost a Front Tooth? Know Which Option is Best for You

It can be painful, overwhelming and embarrassing to lose a front tooth. The great news is that there are front tooth replacement options available. ORCHID Family Dental can evaluate your need and recommend the best way to proceed.

What to Do when you Lose your Front Tooth

When you or somebody you know has a dental trauma which results in an avulsed or knocked out tooth, the following are some steps to follow to provide yourself the best chance to save your front tooth.

  • Do not panic. Surely, the situation can be tough on you; however, staying calm can stop any bleeding right away. Focus your thoughts on positive things.
  • Look for the tooth. Pick up your tooth by the while part or crown. Ensure you do not touch the root. When the root is dirty, ensure you rinse it briefly with water.
  • Try to put the tooth back into the mouth. Hold your tooth in place by gently biting it down on a cloth. When you can possibly put the tooth back into your mouth in its original position, try to hold it between your molars and cheek, if you will not have problems swallowing. Otherwise, put the tooth in milk. Avoid storing your tooth in plain water.
  • Get professional dental treatment right away. Call a local provider of dental services in Richardson, Texas.
  • Call 911. When the bleeding is uncontrollable, or you start to experience fainting, confusion and dizziness or other symptoms of a concussion call for emergency medical treatment.

Available Treatment Options for You

People miss a tooth for various reasons; however, missing a front tooth is special case. Certainly, dental professionals know that every tooth is essential; however, they acknowledge the significance of front teeth. These teeth are what people see and when you miss a front tooth, you will wish to know replacement options right away.

The idea is to heal the original tooth. When you lose a front tooth and seek treatment right away, you may be able to save the original tooth. In a number of cases, it is likely that your dentist will try to put the tooth back into its original position, anchor the tooth in place and encourage you not to bite and offer you other instructions to let the hard and soft tissue heal back around your tooth. Remember that this option can be for everybody and the process might not be successful. You will be asked by your dentist to come back in a few days for a check up. Also the dentist may tell you t o call them immediately in case you notice that your tooth is turning black or dark or any symptoms that concern you.

Other Options Available

In case the attempt to heal your original tooth fails, there are other options available.

  • Implants. Dental implants tend to be strong and made to fuse with osseointegration or the surrounding bone. Dental implants are made to last forever. A crown is put over them and when the original tooth is available, an impression will be made of it so the crown feels and looks like it. A lot of patients say that nobody knows they had lost a front tooth.

    But dental implants may not be right immediately when the patient needs to get healed from the dental trauma before placing the implant. Additionally, there’s around three months of average healing period following implant surgery before permanently placing a crown.

  • Composite Bridgework-A lot of dentists can now make a bridge out of composite resin materials. With composite bridge work, the two anchor teeth will not ground to posts. Your dentist will just build off the adjacent teeth using composite materials in order to fill the gap. Although not the best solution it offers significant benefits when compared to other options. First, it is not metal, thus there are no microbes and metal concerns. Second, the anchor teeth are kept in great condition and unlike conventional fixed bridges where an anchor tooth is compromised, the bridge can be removed while you keep one of the teeth.


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