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Six Smart Ways to Manage your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Six Smart Ways to Manage your Child’s Dental Anxiety

A number of children enjoy coming to the dentist and look forward to their next dental visit. But others don’t. Indeed, the idea of a dental visit can make then anxious and panic.

The oral health of your child is essential; however, forcing a scared child into a dentist can be daunting. You should know that dental anxiety is common in kids and this is something you should be ashamed of. Some cases of children dental anxiety can be stronger than others. In serious cases, dental anxiety can affect the dental health of your child for the rest of his life. That is why ORCHID Family Dental comes up with some tips and tricks to help in keeping your child form developing dental anxiety and reducing his anxiety.

Read Dental Storybooks to your Child

Dental books for children are a good way to help in minimizing the fear of seeing a dentist. Colorful illustrations, a happy dental experience for the primary character and easy to understand language help your child understand better what to expect at a dental office.

Begin Dental Visits while He is Young

The majority of dentists advise parents to bring their children in for a first dental visit as soon as they get their first tooth or not later than their first birthday. An early dental checkup ensures that he has good oral health and gives him familiarity with the clinic at an early age. Also, this helps him feel comfortable and establish trust with his dentist.

Communicate in Simple Terms

Telling you child that you are taking him to the dentist at the last minute can only increase anxiety and stress. When your child shows signs of anxiety and fear about his dentist, make sure you give him enough time to be mentally ready for the visit. Consider telling him about the visit ahead of time and remind him again and again as the appointment date approaches. Ask your child if he has questions before the appointment and answer any question honestly.

Visit a Family Dentist

To take care of your child’s dental heath, your best option is often seeing a family dentist. A family-focused dental clinic is prepared and experienced in dealing with kids and how to give them a good dental experience.
A clinic that offers dental services in Richardson, Texas for families know that every small detail matters. Whether it is having fun characters on the walls and ceilings for kids to look at while getting their teeth checked, a play area to relax while waiting for their turn, how the dentist interacts with you and your child or offering nitrous oxide for procedures, small details really count.

Play Dentist at Home

Before you take your child to a dentist, consider practicing being a dental patient who will be visiting a dentist. Let your child pretend to be the dentist to examine and clean your teeth. Later, let him pretend to be the patient and you to be the dentist to show him how to clean and count his teeth. Also, your child can practice with stuffed animals or dolls. With a toothbrush, mirror and chair, you can easily set up a pretend dental visit at home.

Teaching Children on the Significance of Good Oral Health

Set expectations of what keeping strong and healthy teeth look like: brushing teeth two times per day, flossing every day and going to the dentist regularly. Remind your child that dentists are tooth-friendly and that they work to keep their smile beautiful and strong.

Finally, you need to lead by example. Your child can develop his fear and dental anxiety from you. When you are anxious about his visit to a dentist, then he is also going to be anxious on his visit. But, if your child sees you taking care of your teeth on a daily basis and getting excited to visit a dentist every six months, he may do the same.

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