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What You Need to Know About Fluoride?

What You Need to Know About Fluoride?

Our health teachers always remind us to brush our teeth at least two times a day. The act of brushing is not the only thing that saves our dental health from breaking down. It also has to do with the toothpaste we are using to clean our teeth.

We are not here to endorse a specific toothpaste brand. ORCHID Family Dental makes this blog to achieve our quest of educating the world on the importance of dental care.

In this blog, we will talk about that goo you are putting in your mouth and its significance in creating a healthy ecosystem inside our mouth. So let us immediately get into it.

  • Fluoride is a mineral

    We remember sitting in our chemistry class. The teacher lists fluoride as one of the most dangerous element. But if it is that hazardous, why do we put this element inside of our mouth?

    Aside from being a dangerous element, fluoride is a mineral. It naturally occurs in food and water. It is one of the minerals that keep the restoration of our teeth possible.

    Once minerals are lost, the layers of the enamel are coated with acids that endanger the teeth of various dental diseases. If this happens, your teeth will slowly be consumed by the acid, therefore giving rise to cavities and tooth decay.

    In order to prevent this, our saliva keeps the necessary minerals to repair our teeth. An example of this mineral is fluoride. But it is not just because of fluoride. One can have a healthy set of teeth when minerals such as the following are being redeposited onto the teeth:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphate
  • And many more
  • Fluoride prevents tooth decay

    You may have heard of the horrible dental condition known as tooth decay. Tooth decay is that one condition where a tooth or more rots as cavities eat away its beauty.

    In order to prevent such condition, we are encouraged to maintain a healthy oral health. This includes brushing your teeth. Fluoride does not only repair your teeth, it protects it.

    It is no question as to why dentists keep reminding everyone to use fluoride. This substance helps in preventing a number of unfriendly dental conditions. It makes the teeth more resistant to acid attacks.

  • Children using fluoride have a higher percentage of keeping all permanent teeth

    Our teeth undergo the process of renewal before we reach middle school. By that time, we would hopefully have a complete set of teeth and our parents will make us wear braces.

    But one thing you must take notice is this: those children who have been following proper dental hygiene have more chances of keeping all of their teeth – permanent teeth for that matter.

    Because of the many uses of fluoride, one does not wonder why children who have been following oral care habits get to have the most beautiful smile in the world. And if you want your child to smile like there is no tomorrow, educate your kids in the importance of dental care and the use of fluoride.

  • Fluoride is for the mouth only

    Ever wondered why we should never eat toothpaste in the first place? It is poison to our body. As one of the most dangerous elements, we should be weary and keep fluoride at bay.

    You should see to it that your toothpastes are out of your children’s reach. It also pays to put them in places where your beloved pet/pets will not endanger themselves of poisoning.

Dental care is not that difficult to follow. All you need is a routine. It is also an additional advantage if you have started observing this routine ever since you were a little child. Along with proper dental hygiene, you need to visit to the dentist’s every now and then.

Our dental services in Richardson, Texas are friendly for the whole family. We look forward to share beautiful smiles with you. For more information, visit www.orchidfamilydental.com.


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