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Why is Dental Care Important?

Why is Dental Care Important
Our mouth is the window to our overall health. Many types of bacteria are infesting on our mouths, and there’s a great possibility that these bacteria will spread throughout our body. Saliva is not enough to protect us from these bacteria. That’s why at ORCHID Family Dental, your primary dental services in Richardson, Texas, Dr. Jacob strongly suggests to have your dental care checked regularly. Here are some reasons why dental care is important:

To Protect You from Cavities

Cavities usually come from the food we eat. If we don’t brush our teeth regularly and floss every day, then these cavities will continue to stick on your teeth, slowly damaging your teeth, which results in either tooth decay or other dental problems.

To Reduce Plaque

There are already 400 types of bacteria lurking inside our mouth. Since they are links to infections and diseases, it’s better to get rid of them by constantly brushing your teeth and flossing every day. Dental cleaning every 6 months by your trusted doctor is also very helpful to get rid of plaques, especially in between teeth and your gumline. If you need to set an appointment for dental cleaning, don’t forget to contact Dr. Jacob from ORCHID Family Dental, your primary dental services in Richardson, Texas.

To Have Fresher Breath

Regular brushing of teeth is important in order to make your breath fresher. Usually what causes bad breath are the cavities and the buildup of plaques in our mouth. That’s why we need to brush our teeth thrice a day, including our tongue.

Let’s not take our dental health for granted. If you think that your dental health care should be less of a priority, think again. For more of our dental services, contact ORCHID Family Dental, your primary dental services in Richardson, Texas at 972-424-32555 or visit us at 3555 Murphy Road, Suite 103, Richardson, Texas 75082.

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